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Save your family and guests from slip-fall accidents

Anti-Slip Services

Prevention is better than cure!

A newly resurfaced bath or shower tray is as slippery as a brand new surface.

If required, the Worldwide Refinishing Technician can provide an anti slip pattern in your newly resurfaced fixtures using a long lasting polymer partical system.


Finding the best answer

An effective anti slip treatment is one that will work even when the surface is covered in soapy water and soap suds.

This is why embedded polymer particles are the best answer compared with other methods.

The application is completed after the new surface has cured, usually at the time of the return service.


The Method

The technician can do either solid pads or a striped pattern depending on the fixture and your preferences.

The area to be treated is masked and sanded,

Sufficient coating is catalysed, mixed with polymer particles and roller applied.

The masking is removed and the coating is then left to combine with the new surface. until cured.



Anti slip treatments can discolour due to the trapping of body fats, grime and soap scum over a period of time. Fine deposits gradually build up in the cavitations of the granular surface as a result of daily evaporation after use

Discolouration can be avoided by regularly cleaning with a good fat cleaner, rinsing and drying.



Should a surface become discoloured, it can be cleaned by leaving a good quality fat cleaner on the surface for 10 minutes before gently agitating with a soft dishwashing brush or nail brush. After rinsing, repeat the procedure until the staining has been removed.

Do not use boiling water, very stiff brushes, scourers or abrasive cleaners as all of these will over time damage and erode the surface profile.


The very young and very old are
most at risk to slip fall accidents.

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