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Bathroom Resurfacing Systems that have stood the test of time
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Old green wall tiles with grubby grout lines and hard-to-clean bath showing signs of rust.


Gleaming pink Wall Tiles and Bath with anti-slip incorporated.




Classic Surface

Worldwide Refinishing Systems is justifiably proud of the Classic Surface bath resurfacing system, now in its 37th year. Having tested quicker acrylic urethanes and cheaper acrylic epoxy systems, we believe that the Classic Surface is in a class of its own.

The Classic Surface bathroom resurfacing system is a modified, 2-component urethane exclusive to applicators of Worldwide Refinishing Systems in Australia.

Unmatched Gloss Level

With a spectacular surface gloss level of 98/60 and uniform dry film thickness of not less than 150 microns, Classic Surface looks better and last longer than cheaper, quicker drying bath coatings.

Wet & Dry Film Characteristics

Classic Surface has superior grout line coverage, can be applied in thicker film builds on vertical surfaces, has no free isocyanate when catalyzed and uses 50% less solvent than other systems during application.

Furthermore, the remote pressure cup method employed by accredited Worldwide Refinishing Systems applicators differs from the rest of the bathroom resurfacing industry. Whilst it requires more skill and takes a little longer, the greater uniform thicknesss of the dry film on flat, curved and inaccessible surfaces leads to greater serviceability and longevity.

The Proof of the Pudding ...

The durability and quality of the Classic Surface is exemplified by the growing number of requests from residential customers of some 12 to 15 years ago for the "same again please". These customers tell us that there is nothing wrong with the original re-surface except that it is "getting a little tired".


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