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Bathroom ResurfacingBathroom Refinishing

Bathroom Resurfacing

A proven way to restore your bath or bathroom to showroom appearance using durable new surfaces that add value in excess of the cost.

Bathroom Resurfacing Explained

We explain the main steps in the bathroom resurfacing process using bath resurfacing as an example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to frequently asked questions about method, benefits and results.

The Bathroom Resurfacing Advantage

Renovating the bath or bathroom no longer means ripping things out and starting again at great expense and massive disruption. OK if you've got money to burn, but there is a better way to achieve a beautiful bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Resurfacing is now an internationally accepted method of renewing the appearance of a baths, basins, showers and walls in a bathroom, with several very important advantages over traditional methods:

Cost Bathroom Resurfacing costs much less than replacement, 50% to 75% less in fact.
Colours You can choose any colour for your resurfacing project to suit or match with other items.
Mould Grout lines are sealed during the bathroom resurfacing process and give no further mould problems.
Disruption Bathroom Resurfacing can be completed in 3 to 4 days compared with 2 to 3 weeks using traditional methods.
Conservation Instead of ending up as landfill, your bathroom fixtures and wall surfaces can be given a new lease of life!

In other words, Bathroom Resurfacing can transform the appearance of your old bathroom in days not weeks at a fraction of the cost of total replacement, making it easier to keep clean and free of mould.

Bath Resurfacing

There are some situations where only bath resurfacing is required. This may be due to wear and tear, chips, staining and other problems that make the bath difficult to clean and keep clean. Professional bath resurfacing will restore the bath to showroom appearance and in so doing, uplift the appearance of the rest of the bathroom. If retiling is planned or has already been completed, a resurfaced bath will fully complement the new appearance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Worldwide Refinishing Systems network of accredited, independent applicators has been delivering beautiful bathroom resurfacing makeovers in Australia since 1990. The standard of service provided by these skilled applicators often exceeds customer expectations, but don't take our word for it. Read some of the unsolicited customer comments received in recent years from happy customers.

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