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Enjoy the Timeless Beauty of a Fully Restored Antique Bath...
Paddock Claw Foot BathFully Restored Claw Foot Tub

Antique Bath Resurfacing

Antique bath resurfacing (also known as claw foot bath refinishing, re-glazing or re-enamelling) produces stunning results from very old, very decrepit bath tubs.

Original free-standing cast iron bath tubs can still be found in paddocks and backyards, sometimes being used as a cattle water trough. They are often in very poor condition when brought in from the paddock, but hidden underneath all the muck, rust and decomposing porcelain is a solid cast iron tub almost as good as the day it left the foundry 50, 60 or 70 years ago!


The Antique Bath Resurfacing Process

The resurfacing process is a multi-step procedure which culminates in the application of a proprietary 2 part coating designed for bath, basin and shower tray situations. The procedure can be summarised as follows:

  • The bath tub is first sand-blasted to clean away rust and any remains of decomposed porcelain, leaving a raw, rust-free cast iron tub as the starting point.
  • The outside of the bath tub is then either filled and resurfaced to give a glass-like finish similar to the inside of the tub, or it can be resurfaced as is to retain the original cast iron appearance, complete with mould marks and original manufacturer's markings.
  • The external surfaces of the bath tub can be colour-matched or in contrast with the light or dark colours in the heritage floor tile design.
  • The inside of the bath tub is then repaired and profiled using proprietary fillers and when necessary, a high build 2 part primer.
  • A 2 part bonding agent is then applied, followed by four coats of Classic Surface, a modified 2 part urethane system.
  • The bath tub is then heat cured.
  • Resurfaced or new ball & claw feet are fitted and the tub is prepared for delivery.

Claw Foot Choices

The original feet can be

  • resurfaced in the same colour as the outside of the bath.
  • plated with nickel and resurfaced with a baked epoxy 'chrome' or 'gold' finish.

or alternatively, copies can be supplied in solid brass, highly polished and sealed.

Missing or damaged feet can usually be copied, provided the retaining slots on the bath tub are still intact.

The Cost

The cost of claw foot tub restoration is very much dependant on the condition of the internal and external surfaces. Other factors include transportation and requirements for restoration of the feet. A full restoration of inside and outside surfaces together with resurfaced feet will usually be somewhere between $1,400 and $1 ,900 excluding delivery and collection cost. Missing feet can be replaced at extra cost.

Original claw foot tub
Original claw foot tub straight from the 'paddock' bath tub
After sand-blasting
After sand-blasting
Application of Bonding Agent
Application of Bonding Agent.
Full restored tub undergoing heat cure
Fully resurfaced bath tub undergoing infra red heat cure.
Gleaming white inside, Federation Green outside
Gleaming white on the inside, Federation Green on the outside to match the 'Heritage' floor tiles.

Old cast iron pedestal basin

Antique Basin Resurfacing

An old, cast iron pedestal basin will look grand in matching colours alongside the claw foot tub!

Repairing and resurfacing a damaged and rusted pedestal basin can be labour intensive, but the results are well worth the time and effort.

The Cost

Cost is very dependant on condition and size, usually somewhere between $500 and $700 excluding fittings and transport.

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