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Worldwide Refinishing Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company incorporated in 1990 to bring Worldwide Refinishing Systems ('WRS') resurfacing technology to Australia.


The Classic Surface system was originally developed in the USA in the late 1960's by the GNU Corporation (later acquired by Worldwide Refinishing Systems Inc) and first became commercially available from 1970 onwards.

The key elements in the resurfacing process included a specialised etch process that does not damage plumbing fittings and a 2-stage coating system which bonds an exceptionally hard-wearing top coat to porcelain, ceramic and acrylic surfaces.

The GNU Corporation's tub resurfacing system was continually improved in the 70's and 80's and became the de facto standard specification adopted by the USA government for use in bathrooms on military bases and other government establishments. The GNU resurfacing system was renamed 'Classic Surface' for the Australia market in the early 90's.

The long history of the bathroom resurfacing system in the USA, the largest and most advanced resurfacing market in the world, is your assurance of quality and durability when applied by an accredited bathroom resurfacing applicator.

Service Delivery

WRS has trained and supplied independent bathroom resurfacing applicators throughout Australia since 1990. The national network is dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients with quality resurfacing at competitive prices.

The pedigree of the resurfacing system is important, but even more important are the skills and experience of the applicator. Many applicators in the WRS network have over 20 years continuous bath resurfacing experience with the Worldwide Refinishing Systems products and enjoy a well-earned reputation for quality resurfacing and excellent service.


Worldwide Refinishing Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd periodically offers in-house training to suitable candidates interested in owning and operating an independent bathroom resurfacing business. The comprehensive nature of the training provides added assurance for customers considering the Classic Surface system for their bathroom renovation.

Through its involvement in training and setting of standards, Worldwide Refinishing Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd seeks to ensure that accredited refinishing contractors achieve and maintain consistently high standards of service and workmanship. WRS is based in Sydney, from where it distributes the Classic Surface system Australia-wide.

Distributing Bathroom Resurfacing Systems in Australia since 1990.   1300 360 660 (local call)
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