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Save up to 75% when you choose to resurface your bath rather than replace it.
Before Bath ResurfaceAfter Bath Resurface

Bath Resurfacing

Is your bath worn, scratched, stained, difficult to clean or simply outdated because of its colour? Ripping a bath out and replacing with new used to be the only option in days gone by, but today it can be resurfaced onsite without removal, and all in a matter of hours!

Bath resurfacing with Classic Surface from Worldwide Refinishing Systems will give your bath a showroom finish at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Sometimes referred to as refinishing, re-glazing or re-enameling, bath resurfacing is a process for renewing the worn surface of bath tubs.

Red bath before bath resurface
Before: Bright red acrylic fiberglass bath
White bath after resurfacing
After: Spectacular 'new' look.
Badly Stained Enamel Bath
Before: Badly stained enamel steel bath
Sparkling white resurfaced tub
After: Sparkling white tub
The resurfacing process involves repairing, prepping, bonding and top-coating built-in baths that would otherwise be costly to rip out and replace.

Older bathrooms are perfectly sound with little scope for change to basic layout. However, you can have a completely new look just by resurfacing the bath and surrounding tiles in white or other new colour.

Outdated pink cast iron bath
Before: Porcelain Cast Iron bath in outdated pink colour.
Gleaming white resurfaced bath
After: Gleaming sanitary white
lilac pressed steel hip bath

Before: Enamel Pressed Steel Hip bath in lilac colour.

Gleaming white hip bath after resurfacing

After: 'New' look Hip bath in gleaming white.

The new surface should be hard-wearing, attractive and highly resistant to hot water, soap slurry, staining and chipping.

Bath tub surfaces that can be resurfaced include porcelain, vitreous enamel, acrylic, gel coat and old coated surfaces.

Dull scratched steel bath

Before: Dull, scratched enamel pressed steel bath after 20 years of daily use.

Stunning white bath after resurfacing

After: Easy to clean in stunning white with deep gloss.

rust ground back in cast iron tub

Before: All rust is ground back to metal in this old, porcelain cast iron tub.

showroom finish after bath has been resurfaced

After: Showroom finish.

Damage and rust in older baths can be quiet severe and must be totally removed before proceeding with bath resurfacing process.

The Classic Surface resurfacing system has been used to resurface all kinds of cast iron, pressed steel and acrylic baths since 1971 internationally and in Australia since 1990.

With over 50,000 baths and bathrooms repaired and resurfaced around Australia since 1990, bathroom resurfacing applicators accredited in the use of Worldwide Refinishing Systems proprietary coatings have built an enviable reputation for quality resurfacing and excellent service delivery.

This is your assurance when you use the Classic Surface system in your bathroom, as the many unsolicited customer comments from happy customers testify.

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