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Bathroom Resurfacing requires skill, knowledge and a proven system.... you get what you pay for
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An Australia-wide network of accredited bathroom resurfacing applicators use Worldwide Refinishing Systems resurfacing materials and methods to deliver beautiful bathroom makeovers and other cost-saving bathroom renovation services.

Complete Bathrooms

Resurfacing is an inexpensive and convenient way of achieving a complete change of appearance in the bathroom without the cost and inconvenience of total replacement.
A complete bathroom resurface usually takes 2 to 3 days depending on the scope of work and will usually cost between $2,500 and $4,000 incl. gst depending on the size and condition of the bathroom. A site inspection by an applicator is required in order to provide recommendations and a firm cost.

Colour Matching - depending on colour choices, there may be an additional charge in the range $70 to $90 per hour, including gst, for this service.

Individual items can be resurfaced on their own, or any combination of fixtures including wall tiles, floor tiles, basins, vanities, spa baths, shower trays, shower floors, etc.


Usually between $700 and $850 incl. gst, depending on condition and size. A small bath without chips, bad scratches or any other defect will cost less than an old, deep cast iron bathtub with rougher  surfaces.


Pedestal Basins and Vanity Tops (when completed on site at the same time as a bath) will usually cost between $450 and $550 incl. gst. Small wall-hung or drop-in basins (when completed on site at the same time as a bath) can cost less, around $250-$350 incl. gst. Price is subject to inspection, as there can be repair issues which cost extra.

Wall Tiles

There isn't a fixed price per m2. The total cost of a tile project is determined by the amount of repair required to grout lines and tiles, the size of the area to be resurfaced and whether there are other fixtures to be resurfaced at the same time.

Bath Repairs

Chips and other damage to baths, basins and shower trays can be repaired sufficiently to improve appearances and prevent further rusting/leakage. However a chip repair is not a permanent solution! Time to complete a repair will usually be between 1 and 2 hours, costing between $200 and $300 inc. gst. This charge includes travel time associated with the site location.

Claw-foot Bath & Basin Restoration*

Sometimes referred to as 'antique' or 'free-standing' bathtubs, original claw-foot baths are much sought after by those wishing to retain the 'heritage' look in their bathroom. Resurfacing a paddock tub in poor condition will cost between $2,000 and $3,000 incl. gst depending on size and condition. The feet will cost extra if required in solid brass or with a baked epoxy 'metal' finish.

The cost or restoring an old cast iron pedestal basin is also dependant on size and condition. Done with a clawfoot tub, the cost will usually be between $700 and $850 excluding fittings and transport.

* Not every refinisher operates a restoration workshop - please call 1300 360 660 (local call) to check availability in your area.

Bathroom Safety

Baths, shower floors and bathroom floors can be very slippery when wet, giving rise to the risk of slip-fall injury. Find out more about the anti-slip treatment for resurfaced fixtures and floors.

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